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Please keep in mind that this is a new company with a new website, having been launched on January 1, 2024. To date, these are the books that have been published so far:

Book on demonology

Other Books

Besides this book, there have been four others that were published by the Aster High founder, Gary Graff, although under a different publisher's name. Absolutely all the work was done by him, but under the auspices of CSN (Christian Services Network). However, this company went out of business years ago, so he had to start his own businesshence, Aster High Publishing. Most of these are eBooks but the first one on this list has both eBook and paperback versions. We could also note that this first one has both a large single-volume type and a two-volume type, all of which have their paperback versions. So, these four are as follows:

Book on the teachings of Bill Johnson

Book on Loren Cunningham's teachings

Book about speaking in tongues

Book about women elders in a church

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