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What's in a name? Why "Aster High Pulishing"(not to be confused with "Aster Publishing," which is a different company)? According to several dictionaries, an "aster" is a plant that produces flowers with long straight pedals (similar to a daisy flower except that the petals are considerably longer). The flowers are described as being star-like because the petals radiate outward or forward, like a shinning star. A secondary or older definition has reference to an actual star. Etymologically, the original or root meaning of the word is taken from the ancient Greek word ἀστήρ (astḗr), which means "star." We note that other English words are also based on this root definition, such as "asteroid," which pertains to small icy or rocky bodies orbiting the sun; "asterism," which refers to the constellations; "asterial," which refers to stars or something that is star-like; and "asterisk," which originally meant "little star." Hence, "aster high" basically means "star high;" it does not mean "flower high," or being "high on a flower" (i.e., cannabis). By contrast, the name "Star High Publishing" has been avoided because there are several other publishers that employ the word "star" in their names.

In the Christian context of this website, a name which uses the words "star" or "aster" has reference to one particular radiant star, and that star would be, or course, the Star of David (Num 24:17) or the "bright morning star," i.e., Christ Himself (2 Peter 1:19, Rev 22:16). He is our guiding light for all we do and live by, without which we are all lost and wandering about in the void of spiritual darkness.

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